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Holistic Mental Wellness

DBT Coaching with Jamie Schmidt

Empowered & Embodied Healing

Jamie's Coaching Style Combines

✨ Holistic MIND/BODY understanding of mental health

✨ Authenticity & ease of coaching relationship

✨Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills

✨ Non-judgmental accountability and support

✨ Skills coaching in real-time via text messaging 

✨ Understanding of Interactions of Trauma & Neurodivergence 

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Manual offers a complete framework for understanding and changing unhelpful thoughts, emotions and actions.

 DBT Skills instruction is especially helpful for those who feel stuck in cycles of  

overwhelming emotions & unhealthy behaviors!

The DBT Skills Teach:

How to identify the components and purpose of the emotions you experience.

Skills to stop reacting, and start acting with intention and alignment.

A simple formula for asserting your needs in relationship.

Validations skills and how to recognize when emotions aren't valid. 

How to access your Wisemind.

Mindfulness that can be applied in any given moment. 

Distress tolerance and replacement skills for destructive behaviors. 

Break the cycles that have prevented you from achieving your Life Worth Living Goals!

Virtual DBT Skills Course

✨ Now Live✨

Comprehensive Dialectic Behavior Therapy Skills Course 
Offers all the skills you would learn in a weekly skills group!

Combination of Written & Video Lessons 
 Learn at your own pace (suggested 6 month course).

30 Videos (over 4 hours of instruction) + 60 Written Lessons 
Includes: Homework Assignments, Activities, Mindfulness Practices, Journal Prompts & Reference to DBT Skills Workbook

Emphasis on Neurodivergence & using skills to Self Accommodate.

New Content Uploaded Monthly!

Coaching sessions incorporate the DBT Skills of Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance & Emotion Regulation.  These skills create your toolkit of cognitive, emotional & behavioral techniques needed to create the life your soul desires.

Private Yoga Sessions!

For those local to Houston I offer private

 1.5-2 hour personalized hybrid sessions that weave in Mediation/Reiki/Oracle Reading/DBT/Yoga

Also available to officiate weddings & vow renewals

Neurofeedback offers an alternative approach to psychological symptom management for those searching for solutions outside the realm of medications. 

My Favorite Clients to Work With

Stage 3 DBT Clients 

Clients who have completed DBT treatment and are wanting  to continue their DBT journey outside the medical paradigm.  Including those with BPD & NPD diagnosis. 



Anything you'd consider Neurospicy  🧠

Highly Sensitive People

Introverts & Empaths

Alternative & Authentic

LGBTQIA Community

Kink Community 

Polyamorous Community 

Spiritual Healing Journey

Complex PTSD

Anyone looking to break complex cycles of trauma and step into their own destiny of thriving! 

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

Carl Gustav Jung

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