DBT with Jamie

Holistic Mental Wellness

DBT Coaching with Jamie Schmidt


Jamie's Coaching Style Combines:

✨ Holistic MIND/BODY understanding of mental wellness

✨ Authenticity & REALNESS of coaching relationship

✨Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills

✨ Non-judgmental accountability and support

✨ Skills troubleshooting in real-time via text

✨ Trauma informed care

This unique approach provides YOU with all the tools 🛠 you need to build

the foundation of the life you have always dreamed of achieving

(but have so far been unable to manifest)!!

The DBT Skills act as a framework for living via 

🧩understanding the components and functions of emotions 

🧩building your skills toolkit so you're ready for any situation life throws at you

🧩 breaking the cycles that have kept you from achieving your #dreamlife

DBT skills instruction can be especially helpful for those who experience

emotions as extreme, overwhelming or hard to control


Coaching sessions incorporate the DBT Skills of Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance & Emotion Regulation.  Together we build a roadmap of these empirically supported psychological tools to help you create the life you have always desired.  

Private Yoga Sessions coming November 2022!

 Reiki Healing Session in Houston 

Also available to officiate weddings & renewals

Neurofeedback offers an alternative approach to psychological symptom management for those searching outside the medical paradigm. 

Free Women's Support Circle​

We meet the final Tuesday of each month 

7 PM (CST)  via Zoom.

This group is an affirming, safe, pro-choice space open to all women seeking connection, validation and empowerment in uncertain times.  

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My Favorite Clients to Work With

Stage 3 DBT Clients 

Clients who have completed DBT treatment and are wanting  to continue their DBT journey outside the medical paradigm.  Including those with BPD & NPD diagnosis. 



Highly Sensitive People

Introverts & Empaths


LGBTQIA Community

Kink Community 

Polyamorous Community 

Healing Journey

Complex PTSD

Anyone looking to break complex cycles of trauma and step into their own destiny of thriving!